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National Moving Group

National Moving group one of the largest moving brokers located in Boca Raton Florida helps move thousands of families across the United States Yearly.  The Benefits of going with a moving broker such as National Moving Group is simply on convenience and moving expertise. National Moving Group has a staff with combined experience in the moving industry of at least 15 years; with this type of experience we can assure our customers peace of mind by having properly licensed movers handle their move with the most extreme care at an affordable price.


Some benefits National Moving Group has implemented in our business structure to make us one of the most successful moving companies in the United states are as follow: We have an intricate system and departments were we handle all different types of customers, from the person who likes to move light or to the person who loves to add new belongings frequently and has a great collection of articles and furniture.  One of the most important things to have as a moving company is a 24 hour customer service department as we know from years of experience customers who are moving might need to ask certain questions at times that are not normal business hours, that is not a problem with National Moving Groups 24/7 hot-line you can speak to a customer service manager who is more than happy to assist you with your moving questions and needs.



Helpful Moving Tips

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One the best Moving tips National Moving Group can offer to their customer or anyone who is going to move is to make sure for the customer to pack and wrap all their personal belonging themselves. Some examples of personal belonging are jewelry, art work, fine china, and important documents.  By following these few easy steps this will surely reduce stress on the customer and make their move go much smoother.  Some of the best Places to find packing material is your local Home Depot, National Moving Group does promote Home Depot on all their material they carry for moving and their astonishing low prices.

Finding a reputable Mover

Finding a Reputable moving company can be like searching for a needle in a haystack, super time consuming for a homeowner. With the power of a moving broker like National Moving Group, that time consuming problem is over. National has done extensive background checks on their fleet of licensed motor carriers who are able to help customers in every facet of their move.

National Moving Group, most reputable moving company


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